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The Photo MBA – SEO and Business for Photographers

The Hardest Part of Photography Isn’t Taking Pictures

It’s the stuff that let’s you take photos, like business, marketing, and sales.

Get 7 days of free training that will change the way you think about your photography business and start making your business work for you.

seo for wedding photographers

Let me make one thing really clear: I want you as a client.

You probably found this through search (because that’s what I’m awesome at), or you found it through an ad that I ran on Facebook, LinkedIn, or somewhere else (I’m also pretty great at this too, because I run paid ads for clients all the time).

I’m not going to cold email you and charge you $99 like some scammer – I’m going to win you over by showing you exactly how I would rank your photography website.  This is the exact blueprint that I’ve used to rank other photographer’s websites (like in this detailed case study). [click to continue…]


best udemy courses for photography

I’ve taken quite a few online courses in my life and I think it’s easily the best way to learn about business and improve your photography business.

I also listen to a lot of podcasts and read a lot of blog posts, but something about taking a streamlined course really helps me (and so many others) master a new skill. [click to continue…]


2017 seo for wedding photographers

Lack of revenue is the number one reason that most photography businesses fail.

They just aren’t bringing in enough money consistently.

I’m willing to bet that if you could wave a magic wand to change one thing in your business, it would be to bring in more leads.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get more website traffic and leads without doing any extra work?

You’re not alone on this, either. Even veteran photographers, like Shane Cleminson, need more leads.

Shane has photographed over six-hundred (600!) weddings in 14 years.

He’s built a great system for closing sales and interacting with clients.  In fact, if he can get in front of a bride-to-be, Shane can make her a client.

It didn’t make sense.  Why was he still struggling to provide for his family the way he wanted to? [click to continue…]


Ever wonder how good your marketing really is?

Marketing is difficult because you typically have to frontload a lot of work before you see results.  Should I invest time and money in building my online profile?  Will it get my more customers?  What about wedding wire or this or that or thumbtack or pinterest, or youtube, or or or snapchat?!?

After looking at over forty of the top photographers in the nation, I can say definitively:

Yes, online marketing matters in the photography industry.

For PhotoMBA, I ranked the top photographers in every major market based on their online presence.  Here’s how I did it… [click to continue…]



The number one question that successful photographers get asked is how to start a photography business.  People see their work, travel, money, and lifestyle and want that for themselves.

Odds are that you’ve had a fair bit of experience and have been shooting for a while, and now you want to turn your passion for photography into a business. [click to continue…]

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photography business names

The largest barrier I’ve found for people getting their photography business started is choosing a name. Photography business names are hard, but in this guide, I’ll give you a step by step method for choosing your photography business name.  I’ll also give you an awesome photography business name generator (which you can download for free below). [click to continue…]


photography careers

Successful photography careers aren’t easy to come by.  But then again, if things were easy, everybody would do them right? [click to continue…]


start a photography career

We all need to make money. Trying to find out “How much does a photographer make?” is typically a person’s first step once they consider it as a career.  But to be honest, my answer is that it is based entirely on his or her hustle.  Here’s what I mean: [click to continue…]

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Below you’ll find our definitive guide to creating photography packages for your business that will reduce your stress AND help you book more clients at a higher price point..

But first, a story: [click to continue…]