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The Photo MBA – SEO and Business for Photographers

About Us

hardest part of photography business

It’s the stuff that let’s you take photos, like business, marketing, and sales.

Pricing your work. Getting clients. Getting paid on time. Managing revisions.  Finding the people who love your work and want to pay you for it. Finding the people you love to work with.  If you’re like most photographers, it’s the ‘business’ stuff that stresses you out, not the actual shooting and editing.

That’s where we come in.

At Photo MBA, you’ll learn the business of photography. Start to finish. Most importantly, you’ll know how to immediately apply what you’ve learned.  Join other photographers who are learning how to charge more, land better clients, eliminate business headaches, and bridge the gap between their current reality and photography business goals.

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Meet Brendan: Entrepreneur and Totally Amateur Photographer

brendan hufford evan hufford 2

I’m a veteran teacher and family man who is absolutely in love with photography.  In fact, I started taking photography seriously because I was sick of how bad our family photos were. On the side, I build online businesses. Trying to do it all is super demanding but I could never imagine my life any other way.  That’s why when I meet a photographer, I see myself.

I know how incredible it feels to be financially independent doing work you’re proud of.  I know how satisfying it is when I get to deliver a product to a client and not just make money, but make them genuinely happy.

But, I also understand the struggle of wanting to create art and tell stories while paying the bills.  From always feeling like there’s more to do and more to learn, to never being able to feel like I could escape the overwhelm of trying to make my business viable.

Like many photographers, my journey began as a side hustle.

In 2011, I was working full time and totally disillusioned with my career.  Thankfully, that frustration was a blessing because I was able to bet on myself and start my own business.  The success that I’ve worked for since has allowed me to create an incredible life for my family.  But here’s the thing: photographers can achieve the same level of success if they implement the same strategies and business tactics that I did.

That’s why I created The Photo MBA.  I want to help photographers just like you build a business that allows you to live the life that you determine.  Become a leader in your craft – someone that commands respect, attention, and earns a good living in the process.

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