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The Photo MBA – SEO and Business for Photographers

***Now Accepting New Projects***

You have a growing photography business and you’re serious about massively increasing your revenue in 2017.

For years you’ve known you’re smart enough to do your marketing yourself, but there’s just never enough time.  You’ve been looking for somebody as smart as you, but who knows online marketing as well as you know photographer.

Did we just become best friends?

That’s why I created the Photo MBA ‘Done For You’ package – to help the smartest, most motivated, and talented photographers leverage the real power of their website and SEO to create a never-ending pipeline full of clients.

With the Photo MBA ‘Done For You’ package, you’ll get a full marketing strategy designed to help you leverage organic traffic to build your email list and get more clients.

I’m Brendan Hufford and I’m 100% dedicated to helping photographers focus on what they do best – photography – by crushing it for them in their business.  There’s a reason one of my clients saw a $42k revenue increase directly from my work.

I’m big on pricing based on the value that I can provide a client, but I’m also big on not being vague.  Just like how you work with your clients, I have a few package options depending on your specific needs.  You’ll know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re paying for – before you ever pay a cent.  No surprises, ever.

Here’s how it works:

In our consultation, we’ll go deep into your business to figure out a few very important things:

  • Who your ideal clients are
  • What and how you sell
  • What your business goals are

I’ll answer any and all questions you have and once we’re ready to move forward, I’ll draft a proposal, a contract, and send it over to you with a link to pay.  Upon acceptance of your contract and payment, I’ll send a request for anything that I need from you to get started.

Don’t worry, with the Done For You package, you’ll have unlimited access to me. The goal is for me to bother you as little as possible, but we can always email or set up a Skype call during the project.

Once I have everything I need on my end to get started, I’ll get started on the first phase of our work and send you a video explaining everything that I’m doing for you at the beginning and ending of each of the four phases.

Done For You Base Package: $997 (setup) + $497 – 997/month

This package was developed after working with photographers and providing them at least a 600% ROI on their investment. For every dollar they invested, they made at least $6 back (here’s a case study so you can see what I mean).  Here’s what we do:

  • Learn everything about your business – Full business and website analytics audit, local industry landscape analysis, technical website audit, and competitive research.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy – We also go ‘under the hood’ of your website and your competitors to see where they’ve gotten links and build that into our own strategy.
  • Grow your traffic – Via honest link outreach and content promotion, we build strong backlinks to your site bringing in new traffic and increase your traffic from Google.
  • Full Pay-Per-Click (Facebook and Google) strategy and execution (you don’t pay a dime for this. It’s 100% included!)
  • One-on-one training on how to make content updates to your site.


Social Media Management Package: $175/month

Want clients on autopilot from social media as well?  This package includes 3x daily posting to three social media platforms of your choosing.  It also includes creative (post) creation, a full social media strategy to bring in new clients, and post optimization.

Copywriting Package: $597

Despite what most photographers believe, it’s the words on a page that convert clients the best, not photos. If you don’t have a way with words and you’re cringing at the thought of having to write, this package is for you.  It includes copywriting that converts traffic to leads for the three most important parts of your website: your home page, services page, and about page

Email Marketing Package: $597

This package includes everything you need to create an email marketing campaign that not only brings in new clients, but runs itself: email list setup, lead magnet creation to increase signups, and optins added to your website to build your list.

Need something not listed here? Let’s talk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you build my website for me?

Nope. Just like how I think photographers should hire a marketing professional for their marketing, you should also hire a design professional for this.  Luckily, I know a few amazing WordPress designers that I’ll recommend if we work together.

Can you work with me if I have a Wix or Squarespace site instead of WordPress?  

Heck yeah! Obviously things always work better if we migrate everything to WordPress.  Like I mentioned in the previous question, it’s really the BEST option to get found in Google.

BUT, I’ve had a number of clients have massive success with websites built on Hubspot, Squarespace, and Wix.

Will you set up my mailing list for me!?

Yes! That’s included in the Email Marketing Add-On package. I’ll create a MailChimp account for you and set up everything you need to deliver your lead magnet. MailChimp is $10/month, that’s in addition to this package.

What if I need something that’s not in any of your packages.

I have yet to have something requested that I can’t handle.  There may be additional costs for super-custom work, but I don’t commit to anything that I can’t do my best work on so you’ll know before you commit what it will cost.

How fast will I get new clients?

The faster you work, the faster I can work.  Included in the base package is PPC marketing that is meant to drive leads directly to you.  SEO tends to take time to really kick in and, while it’s the most effective marketing for photographers, I want my clients to see results right away.

What if I want something you haven’t covered in the base package or the add-ons? 

Let’s talk! We can customize this package based on your needs.

When do I pay you?

Once we decide to work together, I’ll send you an invoice along with a list of every thing I need from you to get started, and you pay the setup fee when you book with me, and the monthly recurring payment will only begin after I deliver the results of our Learning Phase (Phase 1)!

I have a question you didn’t answer here.

Email me. I’m much funnier in person.

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