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The Photo MBA – SEO and Business for Photographers

You’ve worked your way through the 7 Day Email Course but…

There are still just a few things you need help with. Or you need something that wasn’t covered in the course. Or you just have a bunch of marketing loose ends that you need some help tidying up.

I got you.

I work with people just like you – photographers that are passionate about photography but still struggling to find the time to master the “business” side of their work.

Photographers that KNOW they’re smart enough to figure this out, but just need some dedicated guidance from a pro.

Photographers that just want to get this whole marketing thing figured out already so they can get back to doing what they do best – taking photos – and start making some REAL money.

Here’s how we can work together:

Let’s Do This – $147/hour

  • You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire so I know EXACTLY where you’re at in your business and what you’re business is all about, as well as what you’ll need help with.  This will help me prep for our call on my end and kick off our work together.
  • We’ll set up a time to Skype or talk on the phone so I can be 110% sure that I understand everything you’ll need my help with.
  • I’ll email you an outline of everything we’ve gone over as well as a recording of the call.
  • We’ll do a follow-up call in 30 days to make sure our strategy is working and how we can make more major improvements in your revenue.

Just click here to fill out the form to get started.

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